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Quartzsite Food Bank – Healthy, Fresh, Delicious!

Quartzsite Food Bank –


Is your budget tight in these days of rising prices?  Do you have a hard time affording fresh produce, meat, dairy, and other nourishing foods?

The wonderful volunteers and donors of the Quartzsite Food Bank are there for you!

Not sure how to prepare some of the foods you receive?  I will be sharing easy recipes for the food bank’s bounty!  Stay tuned.


Weekly Food Bank –


The Quartzsite Food Bank sign-up process is quick and easy.  The cheerful volunteers will walk you through it during regular food bank hours.  Just bring your photo ID.

You don’t need to show income eligibility or be in any other programs.

They are now open from 8:00 am till noon Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Their phone number is 928-927-5479.

They are located at 40 North Moon Mountain Road.  The map is below.

You can pick up your food once a week.  You’ll be greeted with a smile and a friendly hello!

Can’t make it to the Food Bank?  Click here for the weekly delivery sites and information.

Click here for the Food Bank’s website, or call 928-927-5479.



Help support the Quartzsite Food Bank –


There are many ways to help out the Food Bank!

Click here to learn about volunteer opportunities.

You can volunteer at the Food Bank, or host your own food drive, or attend a Food Bank fundraiser.

Members of the “Meet in Q” Facebook page can participate in that group’s fundraisers!  Click here to learn more about Michael Pacelli’s wonderful work to help the Food Bank through his Facebook group.

Join the businesses and people who donate food and dollars!

You can donate money or food at the food bank.

They can use lots of different types of food including:

Canned, bottled or packaged items like vegetables, fruit, meat, stew, spaghettios, peanut butter and more.

They also pass out toiletries that are donated like shampoo, soap, toothpaste and brushes and deodorant.

You can make a one time cash donation or set up monthly donations starting at just $10 a month.

You can donate online by clicking here, or mail a check to:

Friends of the Quartzsite Food Bank

PO Box 4051

Quartzsite, AZ 85359


Donate Your Money To The Food Bank Instead Of Paying Your Arizona Taxes!


How cool is that!

This is exciting news. Friends of the Quartzsite Food Bank once again qualifies for your donations under the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Law.



From the Quartzsite Food Bank website –

You get a credit up to $800 when filing jointly, or $400 when filing an individual return. The exciting news is that you no longer need to itemize to qualify for the credit.

This is a Win Win for all of us.  You donate to FQFB and get 100% of your money back in a tax credit, up to the limit of $800 per couple or $400 per individual. Your donation can be made up to April 15 for your tax return.

Our tax code is 21044 for your Form 321.

You receive a dollar for dollar tax credit!

Itemizing deductions is not required to qualify for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.

However, if you do itemize deductions, you may also deduct your contribution on Schedule A of your federal income tax return.

Click here for more information about this wonderful program to help our community, and to donate online!

Here is the contact and location information  –


Phone – 928-927-5479

Location – 40 North Moon Mountain Road.  See above map.

Mailing address

PO Box 4051

Quartzsite, AZ 85359



Feature Image by Dana Tentis

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