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Gambel’s Quail in Tyson Wash

Cute little Gambel’s Quail around Tyson Wash and the rest of Quartzsite


Article and video is followed by fun word scramble and jigsaw puzzles, featuring our friend the Gambel’s Quail!

Check out these Gambel’s Quail tracks I found in Tyson Wash, right by Tyson Wells Market Centre and RV Park!  I was taking a leisurely stroll to Q Mountain.

You can see lots of these in Tyson Wash, and all around Quartzsite.

They scurry quickly across the sand from one bush to another, so keep an eye out!

Photo by Melissa Genson


Home in the Desert –

Photo by Frank Cone


You can find Gambel’s Quail throughout the Southwest desert.  They are hardy little souls who survive mainly on desert plants and an occasional insect.  They are most frequently found near lakes and streams.

Like with many bird species, the males are more decked out than the females, as you can see in the video below.  Both male and female Gambel’s Quail have feathers that help them hide from predators.

Stoil Ivanov videotaped these Gambel’s quail on February 6, 2020 at the Water Ranch Riparian Preserve in Gilbert, which is just southeast of Phoenix.  Sounds like a fun day trip to see a beautiful lake and lots of varieties of birds!





Gambel’s Quail Eggs and Chicks –

Source – Arizona Game and Fish


Their nests are on the ground, hidden under shrubs.

A Gambel’s Quail is very small–less than half a pound–so their speckled eggs are tiny.

Quail tend to lay lots of eggs, since their ground nests are easy for predators to find.

Gambels chicks hatch in less than a month, and start right off following mom around, right after hatching.

Many cooks consider farmed quail eggs to be a delicacy!  You can pickle them, or add them to sushi.

The quail in Tyson Wash aren’t shy about scurrying right in front of you as you walk along.

Quail watching is a fun activity for all ages!

Jigsaw and Word Scramble Puzzles Below!


Feature image still from Stoil Ivanov’s youtube video, above.

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